During sign up, you'll need to enter the names and phone numbers of your contacts, who we'll call in the event of an emergency and advise of your location. Next, download the app to your smartphone or tablet (it's available for both Apple (iOS) and Android devices). Once that's all set up, you're ready to go.

With any luck, you will never need it.  But if you do, here's how it works.

Activate Safe Haven

The second you feel a threat, activate Safe Haven by tapping a panic button inside the app.


Our Control Centre is alerted

Our Australian Standards accredited, 24/7 monitored control centre is alerted to your alarm. Your location is pinpointed using your phone's location services, including GPS.1
Activation of panic button: $10 per use.

We call your emergency contacts
- and you

Our highly-trained operators follow a strict procedure, calling you to verify your safety, as well as calling up to five of your designated emergency contacts.


Guard sent to your location

If your contacts fail to respond - or if you or they specifically request a guard to attend - one of our licensed security officers will be sent to help you. Guard services are available across the vast majority of Australia's populated areas at an additional cost of $150 per call-out.


Guaranteed personal response

Because Safe Haven alerts our control centre as well as your contacts, a personal response by our trained operators is guaranteed. Your alert is not handled by an automated system or computer. So you have the complete peace of mind of knowing that someone who cares can help ensure your personal safety, no matter what.