Situations when the Safe Haven App could save your life

One of the great advantages of the Safe Haven App is that no matter where you are, or what situation you are in, you can use it to ensure your safety. For those times when something doesn't seem quite right, or you feel uncomfortable, the Safe Haven app is standing by if your security is threatened. The Safe Haven App team, which includes guards and an Australian Standards accredited 24/7 monitored control centre, are all available at your fingertips for all of those "just in case" moments, to serve as an extra layer of safety. Let's take a look at some of the key situations our users have found themselves in, when they relied on the Safe Haven App.

1. Public Transport

When your children catch public transport to and from school it can be a worrying time for any parent. On their commute they may feel vulnerable due to the number of strangers around them catching the bus or train. With students often carrying a phone, laptop and other valuables in their backpack, they can be a target for thieves.

By using the Safe Haven App on their mobile, your child can contact a security professional when something doesn't feel quite right.

2. Parties

When out and about at a party with friends having a few drinks there are many situations that can arise that could endanger your safety. One such scenario is someone threatening you physically for "looking at them wrong" or accidentally bumping into them in a crowded space. They may verbally abuse you or take it another step by threatening to cause physical harm.

With no security around at house parties, calling the police may not be the best option as no crime has yet been committed. This is where the Safe Haven App can help. Whether you need an escort to your car or one of our guards to diffuse the situation, the app is there to make sure one of our guards can attend swiftly.

3. Being Followed at Night

Do you ever feel like you're being followed? Whether you're driving your car or walking the streets, this is an all too common occurrence. These scenarios is that especially affects women, with the Plan International Survey (2016) revealing that 1 in 3 young women do not feel safe outside at night.

When your children are walking home late from a friend's house or sports training for example, it's another situation that can be very stressful for parents. There is the possibility that strangers driving or walking around at that time of night could pose a threat. With the Safe Haven App on your children's iPhone or Android device, their exact geographical location pinpointed by our professional security team, who will guide them on the best course of action over the phone.

4. Walking Home from School

Thousands of children around Australia walk home from school every day. It can be a very worrying event for any parent, as you're never really sure what might happen. The Safe Haven App can be installed on your child's phone for those moments where they may not feel safe. For example, if they are walking through a suspicious street or area you can have peace of mind knowing they can activate the installed app if they feel in danger.

5. Catching Public Transport at Night

Whether you're coming home from work, dinner with friends, or even a late night movie - taking public transport alone can be unnerving. Imagine sitting in an empty train carriage as a group of hooded young men board. You keep to yourself, looking down at your phone, but you notice they're watching you and perhaps even edging closer. While no crime has been committed, you feel unsafe and threatened. By holding the Safe Haven App button down, our call centre will be notified of your location and a guard will be sent to the nearest station at your request.

The Safe Haven team includes professional guards and a 24/7, A1 accredited (highest possible) monitored control centre. But how does the Safe Haven App work?

  • When you feel threatened, activate Safe Haven by pressing the panic button inside the app.
  • Our 24/7-control centre is altered and your location is pinpointed.
  • Our operators immediately call you to verify your safety, as well as calling up to 5 of your emergency contacts.
  • If your contacts fail to respond - or if you specifically request a guard to be sent out - one of our licensed security officers will be sent to help you.

For more detail on how the Safe Haven App works, visit works.