Predicting aggressive behaviour

Almost without exception aggressive behaviour can be predicted or at the very least the risk profile of an individual can be gauged by looking at their behaviour, background or circumstances.

We have been advising clients for many years now during which we emphasise that “predicting” aggressive behaviour is your best line of defence.

Below is Safe Haven’s list of 15 indicators that predict aggressive behaviour :

1.Past history of violence to self / others
2.Being a victim of abuse
3.Violent parent or sibling
4.Verbal aggression
5.Gang membership / by following orders or in proving status in sub-culture
6.Release from incarceration / imprisonment
7.Reduction of supervision
8.Cessation of medication
9.Presence of potential victim
10.Availability of a weapon
11. Disruption of a relationship
12.Substance abuse
13.Insults to self-esteem
14.Invasion of body space
15.Frustration / boredom

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