Maximising your safety on public transport - key tips

Whether you're heading out, going to work, or making your way home at night, you'll feel more secure if you take the time to plan for potentially threatening situations. These rules of thumb will help you stay safe while you're on the move.

Plan your journey before you leave
Before catching public transport, think ahead to minimise the time you spend waiting at train, bus or tram stops at night.

Make sure you can be seen
Choose a clear, well lit walking path to and from the station and stand where you can be seen at all times.

Make an effort to locate safety features
While you're travelling, or waiting to catch public transport, take the time to locate nearby safety features. These may include emergency buttons, CCTV cameras, safety zones and public transport staff.

Keep your valuables secure and out of sight
Try to keep your valuable items secure and concealed. If you're carrying a bag, hold onto it at all times.

Park as close as possible to the station
When parking your car at the station, try to park as close as you can to the building. Get ready in advance by having your keys in your hand when you leave the train or bus.

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