Keeping safe - behavioural cues and warning signs of potential aggression

Being aware of your surroundings and the behaviour of individuals around you is your best form of personal protection.

Following is a list of 12 key behavioural cues to be on the look-out for :

1.Bizarre and unusual behaviour – appearing to converse without others present, motionless for long periods, preoccupied with internal stimuli.

2.Loud speech, insistent and argumentative, use of profanities.

3.Use of sarcasms, put downs, or threatening remarks.

4.Boasting about use of violence in the past towards others.

5.Carrying weapon/s.

6.Informing others that he/she is losing control and is going to do something.

7.Physiological arousal especially a flushed face.

8.Increase in psychomotor activity, such as pacing, inability to sit and relax, unusual restlessness.

9.Magnified startle response to normal environmental cues.

10.Eye contact – fixed and staring or blunted in preoccupation with internal stimuli.

11.Smell of alcohol or a known history of drug abuse.

12.History of past violence toward others.


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