How kids stay safe using Safe Haven

Does a parent ever stop worrying about their child? When they're young they need your constant care to stay safe and healthy. But as they begin to grow up, they become more independent, and parents are left at home hoping that they're staying safe. The Safe Haven App can provide parents with peace of mind that if their child wanders into an unsafe situation, help is a button-press away. So how is the app suitable for kids?

Firstly, the app is incredibly easy to use. A child can call for help with the press of a single button. After pressing this button, our control room is notified, their location is pinpointed and we begin notifying emergency contacts. That means their parent or guardian is contacted as soon as possible and before a guard is sent out.

Beyond this, the Safe Haven App can be used by young children in a number of scenarios.


When your kids begin to head to and from school on their own, it can be a very stressful time as a parent. Many parents have to get work early in the morning and their kids take public transport or walk to school if they're close enough.

Travelling to school alone can be a daunting task for the kids themselves as well, which is where the Safe Haven App comes in handy. If they ever feel threatened by a stranger or unsafe in general, the app contacts the parents first to ensure you are aware of the situation at hand. This feature allows both the kids and parents peace of mind.


After school sports are enjoyed by the masses in Australia, whether it be Netball, Football or Cricket, kids around the country participate. Being a member of a sporting team means attending weekly training sessions, either at school or another public space. This may involve walking to/from practice alone, sometimes in the dark in winter months. Even waiting alone for a ride home can leave a child feeling particularly vulnerable. The Safe Haven App can sit right in their pocket, just in case.

Visiting friends

As a child grows older they often want to spend less time with Mum and Dad and more time with friends. School friends often live locally, so getting to/from their house could mean a short walk or bike ride. Having the Safe Haven App downloaded onto their phone is a precautionary measure to ensure this journey is a safe one.

Home Alone

As a parent during the school holidays there will come a time when you leave your kids at home when you head into work or run errands. This again can be stressful for all involved.

Leaving kids home alone leaves them vulnerable at an early age, with the potential of a break-in heightened without the presence of an adult. The Safe Haven app can be used in case of emergencies where help is needed ASAP. Your children can use the app to have a guard sent immediately to their location if you are unable to get their swiftly.

Ultimately, downloading the Safe Haven App to your child's phone means that they can gain the independence they crave. They can go to the shops on their own, or walk the dog down to the park, while you have peace of mind that if they get in trouble, help is just a button press away.