All Safe Haven mobile applications come equipped with an SOS button. Users can activate the SOS button on their phone when they are in distress.

Activating SOS

The SOS feature is located on home screen.

To send an SOS, hold the red button and slide all the way to the right.

As a precaution to prevent accidental SOS alerts, a countdown timer will activate. Users have five seconds to cancel the SOS if it has been activated accidentally. To cancel the SOS activation, press the cancel button located below the countdown clock.

If the SOS activation is intentional, allow the countdown to complete. Once the countdown is complete and the SOS has been sent successfully, the user's device will enter SOS mode.

  • The SOS alert will be sent to dispatch and your GPS located pin-pointed
  • The user's phone will automatically open and dial the emergency number to the Safe Haven Control Room administrator
  • If emergency contacts have been assigned to the user, they will also be contacted
  • If video is enabled on activation, it will stream directly to the Control room too

At the conclusion of the automatic phone call, the user's device will automatically return to the Reporter App.

SOS Activation and Streaming Video

The Safe Haven app has the ability to share a live video feed from the user's device when there is an SOS activation. This ability depends on the configurations of the Reporter App set by each organisation’s Safe Haven administrator. If the user's organisation allows this feature, there are two methods of streaming videos:

Automatic Streaming Video:

  • The camera will automatically open
  • The video stream will automatically stream to dispatch
  • The video preview will automatically open in the user's screen

If the user would like to stop the video streaming you can press the square button shown on the top right corner of the video feed. This will shut off the video feed.

Abort an SOS Activation

Users can abort an SOS activation from the device by completely sliding the red SOS button back to the left.

As a safety precaution to ensure that only the user who sent the SOS activation can abort it, the users password is required to authenticate the request. A pop-up will display, prompting the user to enter their password.

After the password has been entered, press the "Ok" button.

After the SOS activation has been successfully aborted, the home screen will appear.

Chat Feature

When the device is in SOS mode you can correspond with the dispatch centre.

To send a message, you can press the "Send" button on the keyboard or press the envelope button as seen below.

The dispatch centre will receive the message in the log.