What is the Escort Me Feature, how to activate it, extend it and cancel it.

Escort Me is a Safe Haven Mobile App Feature that monitors you in a defined time frame of your choosing. If you feel unsafe or in a hostile environment, use this feature to set a time frame according to your activity. When the time frame expires, an SOS alert will be activated: your dispatch center will be alerted immediately of your current location and an automated call to your emergency number will be dialed.

How to Activate the Escort Me?

You can find the "Escort Me" button in the app menu - "Three Line" icon that appears on the Home page of the App:


After clicking on the "Escort Me", you will be navigated to the next screen:

Setting the Escort Time: 

You can set the Escort Time by toggling the blue circle left or right on the timeline, you can also see the time you set in the box right of the timeline.

After setting the time, you can activate the escort by clicking on the "Start Escort" button.

If you toggle a bit down, you can also see your SOS number and your Emergency Contacts:

To add or edit Emergency Contacts just click on the "contact persons" or "Update" highlighted in blue, and you will be navigated to the "Manage Emergency Contact Screen". For more info, click on "How to Add/Edit Emergency Contacts".

Starting Escort:

After clicking on the "Start Escort" button you will be navigated to the next screen:

In the center of the screen you will see the countdown of the Escort Time you set. You will be able to extend it at any time by clicking on the "Extend" box (which will navigate you back to the setting Escort Time screen) or cancel it by clicking on the "Cancel Escort" box.

Remember: Once you've reached your destination or finished your activity, cancel the Escort, or else the SOS will be activated when the time is up.
In order to remind you to cancel the Escort, your phone will vibrate and the screen will turn red when the remaining Escort time will be one minute:

Escort Time is up:

When the Escort Time is up, the SOS will be activated.
An SOS activation will immediately alert your dispatch center of yout current location and it will automatically dial to the emergency number stored on your phone.

Important: You can activate the SOS button at any time regardless of the Escort Time. The SOS button is located at the bottom of each screen: 

To learn more, click on "How to activate the SOS mode".

The 'Escort Me' feature is a permission can be added by the administrator. This permission can be found under the SOS section.